Takoma Metro station and transit hub

Takoma Transit First! -- Reject EYA Townhouse Plan!


EYA plan with annotations illustrating transit issues The directors of the Washington Area Metropolitan Transit Authority (WMATA) voted November 8, 2007 to approve a contract for a townhouse development at the Takoma Metro station. The board acted in the face of overwhelming Washington DC and Maryland community opposition to developer EYA's flawed plan. The plan would place two-car garage townhouses next to a Metrorail station where a transit-oriented plan, contrary to EYA's design, would prioritize transit usability, access for persons with disabilities, bus capacity, and pedestrian and traffic safety.

Approval was based on staff recommendations in the Aug 13, 2007 staff report on the Oct. 11, 2006 public hearing on the proposed EYA development at the Takoma metro station. The Report recommended that the WMATA Board approve the sale of 75% of Takoma station public land to EYA, a developer, to accommodate the construction of at least 85 townhouses with mostly two-car garages. Yet an overwhelming majority of those who testified (including 2 DC and 8 MD elected officials) and those who sent in written testimony were against the EYA plan. The Report does not indicate the weight of the DC & MD community's opposition. The Report has errors and misstatements. The EYA plan has been tweaked but not substantially changed. Important problems are not resolved. Takoma Park 4th of July parade, 2008

We Need REAL Transit and Community Oriented Development!


The EYA plan is fatally flawed. It fails to enhance transit use and is incompatible with the needs of the greater DC and MD Takoma community.

What you can do:


Call or write WMATA, EYA, and local officials. We are keeping a tally of communications, so please send a copy to mscribner@starpower.net. Urge friends and neighbors to do the same.


Web site prepared by DC & MD Neighbors for Takoma Transit, including Sara Green (DC), Faith Wheeler (DC), Rich Holzsager (DC) Sabrina Baron (MD/DC), Megan Scribner (MD), Seth Grimes (MD), Chris Simpson (MD) and many others.